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  Fishing Report Posted:  Monday, February 29, 2016

Fishing ReportBIG GREEN LAKE UPDATE; The season for permanent shantys is over this next Sat. Mar.5th. 2016. They have to be off the ice by then state law. Its been a very short ice fishing season because of late ice on the lake. Hopefuly it saved some Lake Trout because they are way down in numbers in the lake. We need to look at the whole picture on stocking and managing the cold water fishing on Big Green or it will come to a end. At this time the lake is in very bad shape. If you fish the lake for Lake Trout you no how tough it can be just to catch one. We need you the public to get involved if you care about the Lake Trout fisheree call the DNR . We need the DNR to take a long look at the lake and then do something about it.

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