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  Fishing Report Posted:  Thursday, January 7, 2016

Fishing ReportBIG GREEN LAKE UPDATE;   So you think Big Green may not freeze over. Big Green will have ice by the end of Jan. 2016. The water temps. on the surface is in the med 30+s. And with the cold weather coming this next week may do it. We just do not need a lot of wind with the next cold front. If it does not freeze then we still have a lot of cold weather to come. There will be fishable ice on the main lake soon.

There is some ice fishing going on at this time on Big Green the backwaters has some ice now. There is not a lot of ice yet but some people are going out off Canel St. landing in Green Lake.  And they are fishing on Byers Cove on the west end of the lake. As far as fishing goes the report has been a lot of smaller Bluegills and other panfish. Dartford Bay in town should freeze this next week. Week just have to be patient and wait for good safe ice it will be here. Again be very careful when going on any ice. Make sure you know the current  conditions. 

For booking a shanty on Big Green Lake please call Dennis Walkers Guide Service  on Big Green Lake at 920-572-0622 or 920-294-0611 best to call this number after 7:00pm  Also if you need a current update on Big Green Lake give me a call 920-572-0622. 

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