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Peruse our photo album for a sampling of some of the finest fishing in Central Wisconsin. 

2020 is looking like a great year for fishing!    Check out these fish caught just in the past few days.

Check out this haul from 7/15/2018


More fish this week!


The fish are still biting this week. July 21, 2017


The fishing was certainly good last week. Check out these catches. I think everyone had a blast. July 10, 2017
Green Lake Fishing Fun


Wednesday July 20, 2016 A great day fishing on Green Lake!


Check out this fish caught on May21st, 2015
26 lbs, 40 inches
(click the picture to view a larger image)


July 17, 2014

July 17, 2014


July 21, 2014

June 21, 2014

Ron & Dan - 2013


Click on the videos below:



Jon's fish!




7 lb. lake trout caught 8/17/2010


Another successful day fishing on Big Green Lake

Nice fish!

It's a big one!

moms_cisco.jpg (40716 bytes)
Mom's Cisco
jakeand_and_dennis_with_walleye.jpg (73920 bytes)
Jake and Dennis with Walleye
landing_js_walleye.jpg (56108 bytes)
Landing J's Walleye
jakes_walleye.jpg (148766 bytes)
Jake's Walleye

Ice Fishing
icefishing2002.jpg (52270 bytes) icefishing12002.jpg (39765 bytes)
icefishing22002.jpg (42229 bytes) icefishing32002.jpg (82138 bytes)

 girlfish2002.jpg (44456 bytes) fishbig2002.jpg (30995 bytes)
  girl2fish2002.jpg (51016 bytes)
 lunker2002.jpg (288043 bytes)
Dennis, On June 9th, 2002, we enjoyed a 6 hour fishing trip with you.  We caught our limit, including this 36 inch, 22.6 pound lake trout caught by my dad, Bill......I wanted to let you know we had a great time and you should be hearing from us again.
thisbig2002.jpg (40554 bytes)

wpe6.jpg (18907 bytes)
15 Fish -- 7 Happy Guys
One Day!
A trophy sized
Lake Trout
June 26th, 1999
38 Inches
17.6 Lbs.
wpe1.jpg (16690 bytes) A great fish in the summer of 2000!
ray.jpg (30482 bytes) Fish for
wpe4.jpg (18861 bytes)
Three fish,
one day,
through the
wpe6.jpg (14484 bytes) A great catch!
winterfishing1.jpg (10134 bytes) More trout for dinner. wpe8.jpg (19362 bytes)
Another successful day on Big Green Lake. wpeA.jpg (14524 bytes) A beautiful fish from the waters of Green Lake.
wpeC.jpg (14381 bytes)
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