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Central Wisconsin's Big Green Lake has been Dennis Walker's professional territory for more than 40 years.

For years the native fishing guide had a distinction few such professionals can offer.  He once caught a 47 inch, 34 1/2 pound lake trout, that held the state record for 14 years.  That's a notable enough achievement for an outdoor guide.   It's even more remarkable when you consider Walker caught the fish when he was just twelve years old.

We have an outstanding lake here.  It's waters are deep and clear, with not only a variety of structure, but also a variety of fish ranging from lake trout to pan fish.


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Current Fishing Report

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

BIG GREEN LAKE UPDATE;  The lake has been a lot quieter now that are last big weekend Labor Day has come and gone. This should bring better fishing as the weather and water cools. Now  is the time to get out on Big Green and enjoy some early fall fishing. We are trying to get Atlantic Salmon stock into Big Green Lake. This is to replace the Brown Trout that has proved to be unsuccessful as the Musky and Northern Pike eat most that are stocked onto the lake as the Brown will stay in the warmer water and get wiped out sooner or later. The Atlantic Salmon
will stay in the colder water where the predator wolfs will not go. The Atlantic Salmon has proven to be a very good inland lake fisheree in other lakes. So lets go for it and see what happens.

FISHING REPORT; The LAKE TROUT still remain fairly slow some days good and a lot of days slow. They should be going into their  spawning mode and beefing up at this time. They are moving into shallower water so thats a start. Most fish are coming by using plain silver spoons or a dodger and minnows set up fished close to bottom down 75 to 125 feet and down 80 to 120 feet over the deep water. The Trout should get better each day from now untill the end of Sept. then the season does close until the first  Sat in Jan. 2015.

BASS LARGE & SMALLMOUTH; The Bass are still active on the lake. Look for the Largemouth in the weeds and under piers and docks.Spinner rigs and plastic type rigs should work. The Smallmouth are over the rocks and along deep weedlines. Helgramites, night crawlers and small  minnows best here fished close  or trolled on bottom.

BLUEGILL AND OTHER PANFISH; They should be moving in and next to weeds in the shallow water in the next few weeks. Waxworms and earth worms fished with a bobber or drop shot rig may work.

NORTHERN; Should pick up and get more active as the water cools. Try live chubs,suckers or crankbaits all fished by trolling close to bottom in 25 to 40 feet of water and stay by the weedlines.

WALLEYE; Not much to report at this time They will get active as it gets colder,

WHITEBASS; Are slowing down over the deep water. Still can get a few fish with dipsy divers trolled with a dodger and spinner setup.

Will still be operating my pontoon for a while after Trout season ends. And you still have time to get in on some good Lake Trout action so call soon for some fun time on Big Green. Call Dennis Walker at 920-572-0622 or 920-294-0611

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