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Central Wisconsin's Big Green Lake has been Dennis Walker's professional territory for more than 40 years.

For years the native fishing guide had a distinction few such professionals can offer.  He once caught a 47 inch, 34 1/2 pound lake trout, that held the state record for 14 years.  That's a notable enough achievement for an outdoor guide.   It's even more remarkable when you consider Walker caught the fish when he was just twelve years old.

We have an outstanding lake here.  It's waters are deep and clear, with not only a variety of structure, but also a variety of fish ranging from lake trout to pan fish.


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Big Green Lake!

Phone:  920-294-0611
Mobile on lake: 920-572-0622


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Dennis Walker
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Current Fishing Report

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

BIG GREEN LAKE UPDATE; BIG GREEN LAKE is now a very dangerous lake to be on. Very thin ice over the deep water with a lot of new snow 10 to 12 inches. That makes for the ice to get eaten away by all the current with the open water  more then half the lake has open water at this time, the lake is still open over the deep water. As of today it is open from Tuleta Hills across to the Green Lake Conference Center {Baptist} area then to the south and west end.   Now also there may be holes and cracks to watch for.  I will not be out with my shantys untill we get a least 9 to 10 inches of ice.  I am working with portables when the ice is safe.  Now conditions may change at any time so if you are going to go out on Big Green Lake you better no current conditions.   ATV   did go thew the ice off Sandstone Pt. this last Sun. afternoon. Its in about 140 ft. of water. The driver is ok. The ATV is gone.

Now you better be VERY CAREFUL on the ice of Big Green Lake or any ice it would not be fun to fall though the ice, I no I have been there. 

For ice shanty rentals give me a  call at 920-572-0622 or 920-294-0611  Dennis Walkers Guide Service on Big Green Lake, WI. And for a current fishing report call Dennis Walker at 920-572-0622

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Last Updated: Wednesday, February 03, 2016   
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